Kolhapur Cuisine Speciality - Non Veg (Mutton)

Every Culture has a special food and cuisine attached to it. In case of Kolhapur its the Non-Veg that makes a mark as a special cuisine. Kolhapur has a some good traditional dishes prepared from "Mutton" (goat meat) which are very tasty and delightful.

Tambada Rassa is a mutton soup generally hot & spicy, red in colour, while Pandhara Rassa is Mutton soup prepared by using white coconut milk and hot spices without chilly.

Tambda & Pandhara Rassa are served along with the main course as accompaniments. Kolhapuri mutton masala & Mutton sukke (dry) are tender pieces of lamb meat cooked in a traditional way with special kolhapuri chutneys & masalas.

Available at almost all restaurants , household eateries (khanavals) , mainly served in thalis .

Kolhapur Cuisine Speciality - Veg Cuisine

Zunka Bhakar Vegetarian meal comprises of pithala and bhakari, leafy and sprouted vegetables with dahi (curd) or butter milk. Servings of the meal in traditional Marathi style proves that the goddess Annapurna ( Goddess for meal) has flavored Kolhapurians.