Bhavani Mandap, Kolhapur

Bhavani Mandap Kolhapur Although smaller in size than Mahalaxmi temple, Bhavani Mandap holds equal importance to the citizens and pilgrims all over the country. It is the temple of goddess Tulja Bhavani (also known as Bhavani) who according to mythology is a guest in her elder sister Mahalaxmi's city Kolhapur.

This palace is just behind Mahalaxmi Temple. This Palace was built around 200 years ago and it was the royal residence. in the year 1813 it was partly destroyed in a fire. later on it was  reconstructed. This palace has old fashioned architecture and it is huge in size and strong in construction. Shri Chhatrapati got this Bhavani Temple built for members of his family. This temple and its surrounding area is proof  of the royal wealth. Shri Chhatrapati used to conduct his Dasera Court in this temple. A beautiful idol of Goddess Bhavani can be seen in Bhavani chowk.

Old Palace Kolhapur